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Approx length of chain 15-16cm 

Key Words: Grounding, Blood ailments, Arthritis, Addictions.
Healing Properties: Strengthens our connection to earth, making us feel Grounded, Safe, Secure, Courageous & Strong. Stimulates concentration & focus, enhancing the memory.
Physical Properties: Helps Control bleeding & inflammation, Arthritis, Anaemia, Haemorrhages & Circulatory problems. Fights Addictions.
Orange Calcite
Key Words: Energy, Creativity, Confidence, Memory, Positivity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Healing Properties: Calcite is known as the “Stone of the mind”. It is a powerful energy amplifier & cleanser, especially when embarking on a new journey or endeavour.
 Helps increase memory and learning abilities great for students & academics. It encourages expression of creativity.
Key Words: Prosperity, Leadership, Decisiveness, Stammers, Environmental Pollution.
Healing Properties: A stone of prosperity.  It reinforces leadership qualities & decisiveness.  Promotes compassion & empathy.  Encourages perseverance.  Relieves stammers and severe neuroses, stabilises one’s state of mind, and enhances creativity.  Calms anger and irritation. .   
Physical Properties: Protects against environmental pollution. In the bath it is a good stone for general healing.
Rainbow Moonstone
Key Words: Fertility, Emotional Healing, Improves learning difficulties in children.
Healing Properties: Reassures all who feel alone, lost or vulnerable.  Assists all emotional healing. Aids calm Sleep. Offer ongoing strength against illness. May improve learning difficulties in young children.
Physical Properties: Thought to assist with hormones, female reproductive cycle, recovery after breast surgery. A females stone.

Blue Kyanite – Throat Chakra

A stone that is said to promote mobility, cell renewal and aid neurological systems.
 It assists with stroke, particularly with improvement in speech and mobility, blockages and constrictions anywhere in the body.
 It brings tranquillity to the bearer as a result of breaking free from emotional blackmail, possessiveness and self-imposed guilt.
 Blue Kyanite has all the aura- and chakra- cleansing properties of black Kyanite and is much more active in energising. It can assist in cleansing and clearing other crystal.