Merkaba - Opalite

Merkaba - Opalite

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Opalite Merkaba Star 

Approx 2cm x 2cm 

** Each piece will vary in size and colour 


Key Words: Love, Romance, Alleviate Depression.
Healing Properties: Alleviates depression , Soothes frayed nerves, removes anxiety. Helps form lasting romantic bonds and rewards faithful lovers.
Physical Properties:
Believed to aid and overcome exhaustion, purify the blood and kidneys. 

Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, translates literally to light, spirit, body. The Merkaba Symbol is a shape made of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions, creating  a 3-dimensional energy field. You can activate this vehicle of light around your own body with practiced meditation and breathing techniques. The merkaba is said to provide protection and transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. The merkaba shape reminds us of the potential power we can wield when we unite our own energies in pursuit of connection and growth

  • combines opposing energies in perfect balance: masculine and feminine, earth and cosmos
  • this union results in an activation of light and protection around your body that can transport your consciousness to higher dimensions
  • reminds us of the potential power we yield when we find balance and raise our vibration