Orgonite Sphere - Sodalite
Orgonite Sphere - Sodalite

Orgonite Sphere - Sodalite

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Sodalite crystalises in the form of masses, grains and nodules. It is a dark blue mineral with white calcite interspersed throughout. The largest deposit of Sodalite has been found in Brazil, but it can also be found in Germany, Ukraine and USA. Sodalite is the stone for athletes as it stimulates endurance. It promotes peace and harmony and is a particularly useful stone for group work as it brings harmony and solidarity of purpose. It balances ones metabolism and combats radiation damage and insomnia.


Material: Resin, Natural Sodalite Gemstones, Metal Shavings and Coils

 Organite is a mix of resin and metal shavings and usually contains a type of quartz. A special substance, Orgonite is said to both attract and repel energy, allowing stagnant and negative forces within the body to be recharged. Those who work with orgonite claim its benefits include improved sleep, more stable moods, increased focus for meditation, and a renewed sense of vitality.

 Due to the unique nature of of orgonite, each piece will display beautiful variations in color, surface details, and overall appearance. No two pieces are alike.