Raptor Tooth
Raptor Tooth

Raptor Tooth

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Raptor Dinosaur Tooth -2.5cm Approx. with serrated edge.

  • Raptor Dinosaur Tooth
  • Cretaceous Age
  • Baharija Formation
  • Kem-Kem Beds, North Africa
  • 145 million years 

Raptors are a group of theropod dinosaurs that share certain anatomical characteristics.  Raptors were small to medium sized dinosaurs that were equipped with 3 fingered hands that were capable of grasping.  They had relatively big brains, and a huge killing claw on each of their hind feet.  It is believed that this killing claw was most likely used to slash at their prey, and quite possibly to disembowel them.  There are several types of dinosaurs that are lumped into the “Raptor” group. Dromaeosaurus, Saurnonitholestes, Velociraptor, etc.  Unless the teeth are found with other skeletal remains that would positively identify the species or if the teeth have certain key characteristics that would identify the species... they are given the generic identification of “Raptor”. Therefore, we cannot tell which species of raptor it is but it is a well preserved raptor tooth from at least 90 million years go.