Tiger's Eye Stud Earrings
Tiger's Eye Stud Earrings

Tiger's Eye Stud Earrings

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Tiger's Eye Stud Earrings Set in sterling Silver 

  • 5mm x 8mm in size 
  • Earrings cannot be returned or exchanged due to Hygiene Reasons.

Complimentary Box Supplied 


Tigers Eye

Key Words: Wealth, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Courage, Attention Deficit Disorder.

Healing Properties: It is a stone for the mind, focusing the mind. Tiger’s Eye is believed to enhance good luck, bring prosperity often in the form of money. It can convert potential energy of thought into material riches. It was used by ancient soldiers for protection & courage, so it was always known to be a stone of empowerment & courage.

Physical Properties: It treats the eyes and aids night vision.  If carried it helps treat ADD, anxiety & procrastination.