Shungite - phone stand
Shungite - phone stand

Shungite - phone stand

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Shungite Phone stand

  • Polished 
  • Approx 8cm x 10cm 

**Each piece may vary in size and colour 


Key Words: Radio Wave/EMF Shield, Antibacterial, Free Radicals, Pollutants. Anti Bacterial, Antiviral, Diabetes, Arthritis, Auto Immune.
Healing Properties: Shungite’s long been used to infuse water which when drunk helps eliminate free radicals & pollutants. Shields against Electro Magnetic Fields.
Physical Properties: It acts as an antibacterial & Antiviral preventing colds. Sore throat, Burns, Cardiovascular & Auto Immune Dis-ease, Diabetes, Osteo/Arthritis.
Contains virtually all the minerals from the periodic table.