Orgonite Pyramid - Selenite
Orgonite Pyramid - Selenite

Orgonite Pyramid - Selenite

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Selenite Orgonite


Key Words: Meditation, Luck, Protects from others energy.
Healing Properties: A calm stone, it instills deep peace, is excellent for meditation or spiritual work & can be used to form a protective grid around the home, creating a safe & quiet space. Brings luck to the carrier.
Physical Properties:
Selenite aligns the spinal column, promotes flexibility and provides deep healing for the nerves.


 An Orgonite is made of resin, metals and quartz, it strengthens your body’s energy field & protects from EMF radiation and negative energy.

Often used in meditation and to cleanse your crystals

Healing Properties: More energy and better sleep patterns, balanced moods. Spiritual and psychological growth.

Physical Properties: It increases your resistance to illness


*Size and colour will vary for each individual piece