Orgonite Pyramid - Iolite
Orgonite Pyramid - Iolite

Orgonite Pyramid - Iolite

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7cm x7cm and 5cm high


Key Words: Harmony, Prosperity, Acceptance

Healing Properties: It brings harmony within the self. It enables one to enjoy each moment. It performs well when used to eliminate debt. It facilitates acceptance if responsibility leading to excellence in ones endeavors and management of money.

Physical Properties: Detoxifies the body, dissolved cholesterol in the arteries, stimulates the pituitary gland, regulates metabolism and fights addictive behavior.


 An Orgonite is made of resin, metals and quartz, it strengthens your body’s energy field & protects from EMF radiation and negative energy.

Often used in meditation and to cleanse your crystals

Healing Properties: More energy and better sleep patterns, balanced moods. Spiritual and psychological growth.

Physical Properties: It increases your resistance to illness


* Size and colour may vary for each individual piece