Facial Massage Roller - Tree Agate
Facial Massage Roller - Tree Agate

Facial Massage Roller - Tree Agate

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Tree Agate

 Key Words: Abundance, Peace, Earth Connection, Varicose Veins, Nerves, Skeletal system.

Healing Properties: Encourages abundance & fullness, Enhances a peaceful environment, Deepens our connection to earth and Keeps plants healthy.
Physical Properties:
Aligns and corrects anything with branches; Place on area for Blood Vessels (Varicose Veins), Nerves or Skeletal System issues.


Facial Rollers are designed to be used to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, ease muscle tension, decrease puffiness and stimulate blood-flow to increase your skin’s glow. This act of massage over the skin (always with an oil or serum for slip) is key to draining excess fluid from the face and, with regular use, will tone and lift the skin. Some face rollers have two ends: one with a large-sized stone – intended for the forehead, cheeks, jawline and neck – and one with a smaller stone, which snugly fits under the eyes.


How to use a face roller

1. Always do face rolling upwards and in one direction – never roll up and down.

2. Repeat up to five upward rolls in each area. First, roll outwards under the jawline.

3. Next, use the face roller to roll out, towards your hairline, under the cheekbones and then along them.

4. Lastly, roll flat along the brows, and then upwards on the forehead.

5. Work more slowly over the neck and jawline, but be brisk to firm over and under the cheeks